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developing a system using php n mysql
0 Answer(s)      a year and a month ago
Posted in : PHP

hai guys...i need your help to developing a system to record reports.Where in this system main is login(user name n password)...then new report,n search 4 old report,,thenview report by yearly,monthly,n category and also can print them..beside that,the also need to record new complaint where category,report name,position,department,tel.num,handp.num,date of report,aset num,auto increment of report data.lastly,the system need search for the report by the it need such searcg information..category,date,reporter name,position,report about,aset num,location,and the report stasus n coment where this place admin can state the report have been look up or not yet...THE REASON WHY I SEND THIS HERE CAUSE I NOT YET STUDY ABOUT PHP WELL..I NEED U ASSIST IN THIS SYSTEM.I HOPE U WILL TEACH..10Q

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