Question: Question in Create Arraylist ?



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Question in Create Arraylist ?
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Good Morning EveryOne

I have Q in Java - and if any One have the Answers please tall me ??!!

Question is :

1- Create a class called â??PhoneEntryâ?? which can be used to store the name and number of ONE client.

2- Create a class called â??MyArrayListâ?? which stores list of â??PhoneEntryâ?? objects. Use an array of size (MAXSIZE = 1000) to hold the list.

Notes: Add appropriate data fields to the class â??MyArrayListâ??, Add all of the required operations to the class â??MyArrayListâ??. For example, insert, linearSearch, binarySearch, insertionSort, heapSort, â?¦ .

3-Create an appropriate interface that use the class â??MyArrayListâ?? to solve the phone directory problem defined above.

Thanks a lot.

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