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linked list
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Data Structures

An English institute has a different number of students register each semester. You are required to write a Java program to manage the registration details for the institute. 1. Use a linked list to manage the details of all registered students. a. Create your own linked list, DO NOT use Java√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs! 2. Student information includes registration number, name, age, country and registration fees. a. Your program must randomly generate a unique registration number. b. Registration fees is AED 500 for students above the age of 20 and AED 350 for students below the age of 21 3. The program must have methods to add, delete and update student information given a registration number. 4. The program must be able to display the total registration fees collected. 5. The program must be able to display the number of students less than age 20 and those above the age of 20. 6. Test your code by generating random number of students and their details and displaying all relevant information.

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