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different JDBC drivers available
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What are the different JDBC drivers available?

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November 12, 2010 at 4:40 PM

Hi friends,

There are four categories of JDBC drivers..

TYPE1 : JDBC-ODBC bridge driver -- It use a bridge technology to connect a java client to an ODBC database.It requires a sort of non_java software to be installed on machine running your code and the are implemented using native code.

Type2 : Native-API Partly Java Drivers -- The Native to API driver converts JDBC commands to DBMS-specific native calls. This is much like the restriction of Type 1 drivers. The client must have some binary code loaded on its machine. These drivers do have an advantage over Type 1 drivers because they interface directly with the database.

TYPE3 : Network protocal/ pure java driver -- The JDBC-Net drivers are a three-tier solution. This type of driver translates JDBC calls into a databaseindependent network protocol that is sent to a middleware server. This server then translates this DBMSindependent protocol into a DBMS-specific protocol, which is sent to a particular database. The results are then routed back through the middleware server and sent back to the client. This type of solution makes it possible to implement a pure Java client. It also makes it possible to swap databases without affecting the client.

TYPE4 : Native-protocol/ fully java driver -- These are pure Java drivers that communicate directly with the vendor's database. They do this by converting JDBC commands directly into the database engine's native protocol. This driver has no additional translation or middleware layer, which improves performance tremendously.



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