oracle vs sql


oracle vs sql

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oracle vs sql
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what is the difference between oracle and sql

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July 4, 2011 at 4:12 PM

1)SQL stands for Structured Query Language while Oracle is one type of database software sql.

2)Sql is a common language for DBMS,RDBMS,ORDBMS.It is a language used to query( insert/retrieve/delete/update) the records in database while Oracle is a software package, that is used to handle or to maintain the database.

3)Transaction control. In Oracle, everything is a transaction and it is not permanent until you commit.In SQL Server, there is (by default) no transaction control. An error half way through a stored procedure will not rollback the ddl in previous steps.

4)MVCC. SQL Server will allow dirty reads, and writes can block reads in MS SQL (Again, it's configurable but the default in SQL Server is for performance and not read consistency, while in Oracle, read consistency is default and unbendable.


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