HQL update problem


HQL update problem

Abhishek Sharma
HQL update problem
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public void saveGuest(List<Long> listid) throws HibernateException{ SessionFactory sf=HibernateSessionFactory.getSessionFactory(); System.out.println(listid);

    //long ID=0;
    try {
    Query qry=  session.createQuery("update NewContactVO set guestflag ='y' where id in (:listid) " );
    qry.setParameterList("listid", listid);
    String m= qry.getQueryString();
        int res=qry.executeUpdate();
        System.out.println("updated record are"+res);
    } catch (Exception e) {

console============= updated record are2 is showing 2 rows updated but still there is no change in database table HQL plz help

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