Ajax Software

There are many software available these days which you can use for the development of your web based applications.

Ajax Software


There are many software available these days which you can use for the development of your web based applications. Now a days Ajax can help you to help the desktop grade applications.

AJAX Software Engineer
If developing high performance AJAX web applications is your life and you want to make a difference in a fun, exciting and challenging work environment this is the opportunity you've been looking for. You will be working alongside a senior software designer to design and develop components for our software automation framework and tools. Your code and designs will be implemented and relied upon by some of the largest organizations in the world. Your efforts will help refine current products as well as research new components and pieces of our developer tools. (http://developer.ebusiness-apps.com). Primary tasks will be planning, design, coding, testing and some research. Our components are deployed to multiple platforms so experience in wide range of IDEs and technologies is an asset. Ideal candidates are passionate about developing the highest quality software, pushing the limits of internet technologies and exceeding user experience expectations.

AJAX gives software a fresh look
Over the years, desktop applications tied to a specific operating system have become entrenched as the main way to work on a computer. AJAX, a set of development techniques standardized over the past eight years, could change all that by bringing more sophisticated interfaces to Web applications. With that, backers are hoping it can open a crack in the dominance of desktop software like Microsoft's Office, the undisputed market leader. Zimbra is one of a growing number of companies that are betting that AJAX, which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, will turn out to be more than just a catchy abbreviation. In the development style, programmers use a number of standards-based technologies, notably JavaScript and XML, to write applications. Many Web entrepreneurs and established software providers are hoping that AJAX can reinvigorate the PC software business by marrying the graphical user interface of desktop computers with the benefits of the Web.

Software Developer-Ajax Patterns
AJAX holds a lot of promise for web usability, and the underlying technology has already delivered some stunning applications. But it?s no magic bullet. Careful design is always required, and it must be based specifically on the technology at hand. As AJAX emerges, we?re going to learn more about what sort of design works, and we?ll need ways of documenting this information and talking about it. Fortunately, the evolution of this particular technology will take place at a time when design patterns are well-entrenched in the industry, and design patterns are an excellent means of knowledge representation. Thus, it makes sense to begin cataloguing AJAX design patterns. These are some thoughts based on current examples and demo systems.
Backbase AJAX Software
Backbase develops and sells software that helps you to create great AJAX applications. Our goal is to support you with Products and Services to enable you to create Rich Internet Applications that really make a difference. Although DHTML technology has been around for some years, Google?s new web applications (Google Suggest and Google Maps) have boosted the awareness of a model based on DHTML, AJAX and W3C standards for creating Rich Internet Applications. The Backbase Presentation Client (BPC) is an AJAX engine based entirely on AJAX technology, and differentiates itself via a generic User Interface declaration language (BXML). BXML is a XML application that also includes many XSLT and XPath functions. BXML is interpreted by the AJAX engine, and translated to native DOM commands in the browser. The Backbase AJAX Engine is developed in JavaScript, and it works in Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and soon also in Opera and Safari. It does not require any type of plug-in, which differentiates Backbase from other RIA vendors.

Ajax Software Development Technology
The software contributions will foster an industry collaboration and adoption of Ajax, a technology that improves web application responsiveness, and do so at a lower cost point and with less complexity. The technology contributions will extend the code already available in the Dojo Toolkit enabling internationalization of applications and making them fully accessible to persons with disabilities through a variety of assistive technologies, including DHTML and Accessible widgets. IBM's donation will also extend the data model already in the Dojo Toolkit and provide a foundation architecture and Web-based tools for the industry to engineer, collaborate on, share and reuse software development best practices. Ajax-short for Asynchronous JavaScript+XML -is a type of "Rich Internet Application." The technology enables greater usability and responsiveness of browser-
based applications, with the benefits of a zero-install and extremely low maintenance of web development. Developers have the ability to update portions of a Web page without refreshing the entire screen. This can enable users to scroll through a virtual map or photographs without refreshing their browser screens. 
AJAX: Software for Generalised Space Syntax: V1.02
This is a Windows-based program for generalised space syntax. It enables users to perform traditional space syntax, called the primal analysis, which consists in describing a spatial configuration as a set of axial lines and working out their relative proximities, accessibilities or integration values. But the program also enables users to generate the dual analysis, which consists in working out these same accessibilities with respect to the intersections between the lines that we call junctions or nodes. You can download the current version from this page. We are not supporting the program in any way as it is free and currently under rapid development. New versions will come online as they are produced and can be downloaded from this page. We will let the Space Syntax Mail Base List know each time a new version of the program becomes available.