Part I. Understanding XML 

A1. Understanding XML : 

Learn XML from scatch without having any prior knowledge. Tutorials are well-structured and so easy to grasp that they quickly shift a beginner to XML-Java programming. 

    XML : An Introduction
    What is XML, its importance and applications.

    XML - History
    Evolution of  XML

    XML: HTML Comparison
    Comparing XML with HTML

    XML: Syntax-Rules
    Starting with the Syntax-Rule

    XML: Elements
    XML Elements, naming rules and relationships among elements.

    XML attributes: their use in describing elements and providing additional information about elements.

    How a DTD is used to define the structure of an XML document.

A2. Designing XML  DTD   

    Introduction to DTD
    An introduction to the XML DTD, and why you should use it.

     DTD - XML
constituent components
    The XML building blocks defined in a DTD.

     DTD Elements
     Defining legal elements of a XML document using DTD.

    DTD Attributes
    Defining legal attributes of XML elements using DTD.

     DTD Entities
    How to define XML entities using DTD

A3. Designing XML Schema 

    Introduction to XML Schema
    What as a XML Schema.Its uses and advantages over XML DTDs.

    XML Schema:Syntax Rules
    Learning the know-hows of the XML Schema.

    XML Schema:Elements
    Learning the XML Schema simple and complex elements.

    XML Schema:Attributes
    Learn to use the attributes in the XML Schema.

B  XML Technologies and related APIs

    XML Technologies : An Overview
    Quick overview of XML Technologies

    XML Parsers : An Overview
    Know about XML Parsers.

    XML-APIs : An overview 
    Know about various XML APIs


C  XML APIs : JAXP Digging Deeper

     Know about various XML Java APIs and Packages

     Know  all XML APIs for SAX

     Know  all XML APIs for DOM

     Know  all XML APIs for XSLT

Part II. The Simple API for XML Parsing (SAX)


Part III. XML and the Document Object Model (DOM)

  1.  Reading XML Data into a DOM

Part IV. Using XSLT