Jersey - Java Framework for RESTful Web services

Learn what is Jersey framework and how it can be used for the development of RESTful Web services in Java? You can learn the development of RESTful Web services in Jersey framework.



Jersey - Java Framework for RESTful Web services: Develop RESTful Web services in Java using this framework

In this section we will learn about the Jersey framework, which is used to develop the RESTful Web services in Java.

The Jersey framework is Java based framework for creating the RESTful Web services. You can the application developed in Jersey framework on any Servlet container. The Jersey framework hides the complexity of client-server communications and supports variety of media types.

The Jersey framework  is fully compliant to the JAX-RS API which is designed to hide the low-level details of client-server communications between the applications. The Jersey framework is developed in Java and it is open source. This framework is robust can be used in the production servers.

The Jersey framework provides the support for JAX-RS APIs and JAX-RS (JSR 311 & JSR 339).

The Jersey framework is very powerful and it also provides own API which is an extension of the JAX-RS toolkit. It adds more features for the easy development and deployment of RESTful service and client.