Top 5 Ad Networks which can be used with Google Adsense

Here we are discussing about the Top 5 Ad Networks which can be used with Google Adsense. You can use these ad networks with Google Adsense on the same webpage.

Top 5 Ad Networks which can be used with Google Adsense - Use the ads from these Ad Networks on the same web pages on your website.

This article is discussing the Ad Networks which can be used with Adsense Ads on their website. Adsense is the best option for monetizing the website. You can just check all the Advertisement network discussed here and decide which network to use on your website.

There are many Ad Networks which can be used with Adsense and increase your earnings. Google Adsense is the top Ad Networks and many websites around the world is using Adsense for monetizing their website. The Adsense is the best and people are using it for bloggers, websites and generally it's RPM beats any other networks.

You can use the other ad networks which are complements to Adsense to maximize the earning from your website. You can implement these ads in a variety of different ways. You can monetize your existing traffic with the help of ads from different networks using optimal website layout.

Now we are giving you the list of five ad networks which can be used by the publishers and bloggers along with AdSense to boost earnings of your website.

1. Yahoo! / Bing Contextual Ad Network

The is a Ad Networks which uses the Ads from Yahoo! and Bing networks. The ad network is a partnership between Yahoo! and Bing Ad Networks. You can signup for the account at website and create an account for you by clicking on the "REQUEST AND INVITE" button.


You can use the ads from to fill the un-used space of your website. You can also experiment with different ads format for better revenue.

2. Infolinks

The Infolinks ads are another best way to monetize your traffic. The Infolinks ads are the smart Ads and it is displayed to the user when user hovers on the linked content.  The Infolinks also offers ?skinned? ads which is displayed on the empty space to the right and left of your web page. The "skinned" ads are also a good options to monetize your traffic.

The Infolinks ads uses the text on your website and creates links in runtime. When user hovers the mouse over the linked text, ads units are displayed as popup.

3. Outbrain

The Outbrain is an ad networks which displays the ads in the format of link and these links are grouped in "sponsored content" section. Many of the website is using the network for monetizing the traffic which usually leaves the website after reading the content. You can make your website more engaging by placing the ads from Outbrain network. When your users clicks on any of the sponsored link you will earn some revenue.

Usually the Outbrain ads are displayed far below the content of the website and it is targeted to engage the visitors who leaves the website after reading the article. This type of ads are important in earning the extra revenue.

4. Taboola is another Ad Network which is offering similar service for publishers.

5. Undertone

The Undertone is high impact advertising network which can be used to learn decent money, but it disrupts the user and displays the ads as popup. Some times it might be annoying advertisements for the visitors.

For such ass advertisers are willing to pay premium CPMs which will help you in earning extra money from your websites.

6. Adsense

You can use the adsense links units on your website to increase your earnings

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Top 5 Ad Networks which can be used with Google Adsense

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