Top 10 Web Development Skills

To talk of top 10 web development skills we must relate our discussion with the huge changes that took place in the overall internet access patterns and uses thanks to the all encompassing proliferation of mobile devices that surpassed the traditional computers and devices as points of internet access.

Top 10 Web Development Skills

For an ambitious web developer or web designer to stay updated with the latest range of technical skills and exposure to recent developments in the web field is a matter of seminal importance. Learning the skill sets corresponding to the demands of their time is a must for excelling in career as a developer or designer. To talk of top 10 web development skills we must relate our discussion with the huge changes that took place in the overall internet access patterns and uses thanks to the all encompassing proliferation of mobile devices that surpassed the traditional computers and devices as points of internet access. Web development skills of highest demand went through multiple changes of focus for some years - while internet went mobile, content again regained its prominent as the deciding factor in the search ranks thanks to array of search engine algorithms, using Flash for graphic interface became almost necessary with the coming of HTML 5 and other Java based sleazy applications and tools and using web optimized images and media displays became an important trend across the web. Here are our picks on some the most demanded web development skills.

  1. HTML 5
  2. Without HTML the web development skills cannot be said complete simply because it is the most popular markup language on the web till date. HTML as the markup language has long been the backbone of the web but since HTML 5 came into picture it gave a huge boost to the developers and designers with an array of updated features that are absolutely irreplaceable in the modern programming environment on the web. HTML 5 allows more mobile specific coding and development of multifarious visual, media and graphics effects without the necessity to depend on Flash or most important of all HTML 5 is liter like feather to augment speed, which is one important perspective for the web user.

  3. Mobile specific development
  4. Browsing is fast becoming replaced by mobile applications and mobile application based internet access thanks to mobile interface on sleazy handheld devices that changed the way we access internet beyond recognition and there is no stopping of this trend as every web based service providers or knowledge sources are increasingly are eagerly coming with their applications rather than just waiting in the crowd for user footfall. So, in the time to come developing applications for android or iOS platform will be increasingly decisive for the web and the developers.

  5. JavaScript
  6. For long JavaScript have been the worlds most popular and preferred client side web language being the only language to be preferred by all of the sites in the top list. Can you think of a website that behaves like a dumb fool without interacting at all with the web user? Yes, to think of such website is more or less akin to thinking of a piece of printed paper on the web which is unthinkable in our dynamic web field and so JavaScript is simply irreplaceable. JavaScript is the key to make a web page interactive and dynamic with sleazy features and graphic presentation.

  7. CSS
  8. It is just not one of the top web development skills for a designer but it encompasses the very core of their understanding of how a web page will ultimately look. From a designer's perspective how a web page will look is related to success with the creation of that respective web presence and CSS is the language that determines this. Knowing CSS you will be able to develop websites with cutting edge aspects and sets of applications.

  9. Programming languages like C++, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, ASP, Perl
  10. At the end of the day for a web developer or web designer knowing the coding language is of basic and most primary importance in relation to their delivering competence in creating websites. Mastering basic and most multifarious languages will give you suppleness, agility and a lot of flexibility in your pursuit of creating a competitively edged website. Learning basic, most popular and widely used web programming languages like C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, ASP is a must if you want to excel as an web programmer in your career.

  11. Framework knowledge
  12. When you have good knowledge and handling skills of frameworks you can develop a website much faster and that is the precise reason why having a solid grasp on varying range of development frameworks are considered so important among the web development skills for a developer. Frameworks help you to avoid the repetitive tasks required in the custom programming.

  13. E-commerce Integration
  14. E-commerce integration for creating transaction windows in business specific websites is one of the most demanded aspects on the web and as a developer or designer you can go without it. Without learning to fuse various payment gateways using Frameworks you just cannot develop e-commerce sites.

  15. MySQL Database
  16. Without database knowledge and required skill set to handle database you cannot be a competent web developer and when you talk of database nothing is more popular than MySQL which is used by a great majority of world's biggest websites.

  17. SEO and CMS Development
  18. SEO knowledge and prioritizing skill is the most important of all web development skills simply because it is what situate a website on the search engine ranks and drives traffic to the site. From Augmenting content readability to supplementing content with design, media and visual aspects are important for the web traffic to stay between the pages. Having knowledge of an array of CMS platforms like Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, etc. can really be crucial for developing many content rich sites. Moreover, CMS development in respect of offering customization and plugin can let you offer a unique look and feel of a website which is very important for many websites.

  19. Unit testing skills

Unit testing is one of the standard practices in any programming environment. In developing a website unit testing lets you check the performance of your coding with your expected effects which is important to rectify and repair the loopholes to augment the performance and effects. There are array of online modules to do unit testing that you can avail.