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string validation in php - PHP
string validation in php  Can you please post a example of PHP Built-in String Validation Functions
variable types in php - PHP
variable types in php  Do i need to explicitly specify the variable type in PHP
exception handling in php - PHP
exception handling in php  i need few examples on exception handling in php
PHP Tax Calculator - PHP
PHP Tax Calculator  In my project i required a tax calculator that can calculate the property tax
unit test in php - PHP
unit test in php  How can i run the unit test in PHP
PHP and JQuery
PHP and JQuery  How to make validation using PHP and JQuery
php instanceof
php instanceof  What is the use a instanceof function in PHP
php session
php session  what is session
php visual studio plugin - PHP
php visual studio plugin  php visual studio plugin
PHP Get Average - PHP
PHP Get Average  I am writing a method to calculate the average rating of the posted answers? can anyone help me with the method to calculate rating in PHP. In my code, we are providing maximum four options to the user to rate