RMI Tutorials

This section explains you about RMI. You will RMI through many articles and tutorials. Example program of developing RMI application is also given.



RMI Tutorials


In this section there are many tutorials on RMI, these tutorials will explain you how to make programs using RMI. RMI stands for Remote Method Invocation and is Java technology for remotely accessing the methods of a interface. RMI is very promising technology from Java. It is used for accessing the business methods remotely.

RMI handles all the low level methods of network communications and authentication. It allows the developers to quickly develop applications that can access the remote methods.

Here are the tutorials of RMI

  1. Overview of RMI
    The Remote Method Invocation(RMI) works similar to remote procedure calls(RPC). All RMI functionality found in the the java.rmi package.
  2. RMI Example-1
    This is a very simple example of RMI where you will come to know how RMI works and what are the steps of executions.
  3. RMI-Example-2
    This example demonstrate the RMI Addition Application. Well in this application you will use the four java files.
  4. RMI-Example-3
    In this example you will see function calls from client to server and vice versa. This application for running requires a Remote Machine. 
  5. Displaying Hello using RMI
    This Example describes the way to display Hello message using RMI. By RMI we mean Remote Method Invocation. RMI serves as a basic technique for supporting distributed objects in java.


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RMI Tutorials

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