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Combo Box Using Ajax In JSP

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how to add a window media player in jsp page
hi, i am debadatta from cuttack,orissa.i want to disply a video file into my jsp page .kindly suggest me about this matter. 

i couldnot run
I could not run this code. but there is no error. when i run this program the combo box contain only "select" value. could you please sir give an idea. but i made my database also correct ok 

further enhancement of this code
how to extend this code for multiple value like ename, address, phone etc. i have tried but not worked 

Problem in combo box ..Want to select only one option after click on that result corrosponding should be displayed...Other should be disable..... 

Regarding pages
Please give Details with Coding Description, many topics are here without proper Codings.... So we are unable to Understand Them........... 

can URL in xmlHttpRequest be full url?
Hi, I noticed the URL in all of your examples are jsp, I wonder if I can use full URL from a different web server. I am trying to use AJAX in JSP page to get information at loading time but the object always uninitialized and throw exception. I  

Please allow me to say this words to all the people behind this website... Thank you so much for the helpful codes tha realy help me in my problems.Your doing such a great job.. More Powers to all of you.... 

Without mincing words or trying to pamper you guyz, I am compelled to rightly say that this site is by far the most USEFUL,REALISTIC,COMPREHENSIVE and CLEAR help I have ever come across in my 6 years experience on the web.GREAT JOB AND PLEASE NEVER S 

I want to play a video in my project, can any body
Hi, i m using jsf. how can i play a vidoe in my project 

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