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Execute SQL Queries with Java Application



java with sql
need more example..... 

i want sql server connection with java and give way for connect with example 

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sql query  SQL QUERY BROWSER declare @cout00 int declare @cout01 int...); this is the query i have written for the table "dpscomp" - station date month... but i m not able to execute it as i want to count according to the conditions 

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tell me how to write the query in database but not jsp code. thank u 

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SQL Query   AS mysql backend updation query shows a syntax error. I gave the full query and the generated error here. Please send me the correct query anyone. st.executeUpdate("update stud_detail set name='"+newname 

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SQL  How to combine 'LIKE' and 'IN' operators in sql query?  ... | --------------------- |Ramya | Mumbai | ===================== When u execute the above query the output will Raj, Ramu, Ramya Thanks' Rajanikant 


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Execute database query by using sql tag of JSTL SQL library... to create application that execute sql query given by user using JSTL SQL Library. To execute query first create a data source and then execute sql query 

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NullPointerException when try to run UPDATE query. Here's the code where JSP dies: String short... sql string to make double check that query is correct. and when I try to run...( But when I copy this sql query and run it in Netbeans sql 

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Sql Query  Is this query work in Db2 or not ? Select * from FORUM LIMIT 2