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Insert data in mysql database through jsp using prepared statement



please help me with this
I got error when trying out this codes; its said An error occurred at line: 75 in the jsp file: /prepared_statement_query.jsp String literal is not properly closed by a double-quote 72: (connectionURL, "root", "root"); 73: 74:  

entering data in mysql
it is perfect. tell me how to enter data using html 

i run this code it got stuck in exception
this code got stuck in the execption --> unable to connect. i changed the password also.. 

Sir, can u tell me how to store a radiobutton result in Access Database using JSP. Please help me. Thanking you M.Anil.  

No database insertion
I ran a try and catch to make sure that I was connected to the database and it worked. However, when I run this jsp file to insert into the database, it does NOT work. Everything was step by step; especially my password into the database. Got any  

place line 75 and 76 on the same line . its getting mixed up thinks they are two seperate lines 

getting error
i m getting error unable to connect to database  

Simple debug
You need to put line 76 on line 75. The string cannot be on two different lines. I did not find any other problems with this code, but I modified it right off the bat. 

insert into mysql
how to insert date??? 

How to convert with float without String ? 

How or where could I see the sourse Database?
How or where i could see the source of the database we create if we run the codes above,,?>?? 

how to insert the value from jsp to database
more useful,detailed explanation,thanks a lot 

Code is not working.........
The program wrritten above is containg errors. It throwing NullPointerException........ 

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