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Connect from database using JSP Bean file



hi, im doing exactly like you but it is throwing an exception with message "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" ...can you point out what may be wrong pls? thanks! 

Better than others
Thanks a lot for though that site ,now Iam able to combine javabeans and jsp. will you mixed the three tiers jsp, javabean set sservlet? that will be very nice for all and so I am 

little confusion
i didnt understand by the sentence "Put this package "myexample" in the classes folder of WEB-INF." wht i have to put and where where i have to put  

Want code for JavaBean with JNI
Hi friends, Can you send me a code for Javabean with JNI. That java bean i can use it in JSP.  

I was able to make the JDBC connection to MySQL from a desktop app and JSP. Earlier, I wasn't able to make it work in the form beans. Thanks to tutorial, I can now go ahead with my project. I like all other RoseIndia tutorials as well. 

Java Code
very intersting 

here all thing present for me. 

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