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Integrated Struts 2 Hibernate and JPA Training



next training class
Hi When is the next training for Integrated Struts 2 Hibernate and JPA Training scheduled for? Please let me know so I can join . Thanks Rajani 

regarding this course
Are you still offering this course. I registered myself and sent you an email. There was no response. Can you please let me know. Thanks, Sampath 

its very useful 

i wan project help
hi friends my name pavan doing m tech project location based tracking i got some prob with jsp and also mobile os so any one having idea plz mail if any project related thank waiting for reply This project  

i want to traning from u 

i can
want sooon 

Prepared statement
Hi , I want to save the query with parameters the moment it is filled with parameters . Is there any method to do it? please reply .  

I am intersted
it is well for us 

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