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Java AWT Package Example

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i want to know that i am making a game software. i want to divide my main interface window into portions what procedure is there? it will b very kind if some code example is also refered!!! need answer imediately!!!! 

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I think this is Best Site for learning java.Pls provide Basic Program for understanding JDBC connectivity with the Oracle 

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for more information. table with database data JFrame frame = new JFrame("View Patients 


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example | Java Programming | Java Beginners Examples | Applet Tutorials | Awt Tutorials | Java Certification  | Interview Question  ... applications, mobile applications, batch processing applications. Java is used 


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in java AWT package. The frame in java works like the main window where your components (controls) are added to develop a application. In the Java AWT, top-level... Create a Frame in Java      

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Java Frame/ Applet /swing/awt  I have produced a .exe file with the help of .jar file................... Now How can I Protect my software( .exe ) file bulid in Java from being Copy and Paste....????????? please reply 


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Hiding Frame in Java       Introduction This section illustrates you how to hide the Java Awt frame... object will be visible. By default Java Awt Form is in the invisible state 

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awt in java  using awt in java gui programming how to false the maximization property of a frame 

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frame  how to creat a frame in java   Hi Friend, Try the following code: import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; class RetrieveDataFromTextFields{ public static void main(String[] args 


Java AWT Package Example
Java AWT Package Example      ... This program shows you how to create a frame in java AWT package... illustrates you how to hide the Java Awt frame. Here, you have seen in the given