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Creating configuration files

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config web.xml for uploadfile
use the createTempFile ,maxRequestSize parameter(value in bytes) inside Ajax4jsf Filter section in web.xml:  

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Creating configuration files
Creating configuration files        For the application, we need two files in WEB-INF folder...; Editing web.xml file: JSF application needs FacesServlet to be defined 

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:// Thanks...JSF  HI,can any one send me a sample web.xml, faces-config.xml...; Hi friend, web.xml javax.faces.STATE_SAVING 

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information : Thanks... coading  Hi friend, Do some changes in faces-config : setthe scope 

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. Configuration files : web.xml : You can get web.xml file from WEB-INF... directory and sub directories) Create and place configuration files... in this section. So now there will be two xml files web.xml and faces-config.xml 

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