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RMI Client And RMI Server Implementation



i wantto know about definitions of implementations,interface,server,client in rmi 

it works on local machine but doesn't work on networks. 

hi this is sunitha it is good but we want xtra information 

nice project
ty dudes for this working code :D 

it is very usefull to us.small request,i am doing one mini project in rmi.that project is car sales system.pls give some information.thank u.  

RimClient Don't work
hi, I toke this exsample copy and past in netbeans .. but the RimClient don't work .. what i do .. just open new class page for each of them and copy and past -- RimServer work but RimClient Not ... Should i do something befor or what ?? th 

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RMI Client And RMI Server Implementation
RMI Client And RMI Server Implementation  ... comprises of the two separate programs, a server and a client. A typical server... application provides the mechanism by which the server and the client communicate 

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Java  Write and deploy a simple, Java RMI-based Client/Server application, in which the (multithreaded) Server serves requests of remote Java Clients.../network/rmi-client-and-rmi-server-implementation.shtml Hope 

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of Java object - even if the client or server has never encountered it before. RMI allows loading of new object types as required by both client and server. Java...;  Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is a Java application 

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. Generally RMI comprise of two separate programs, a server and a client. A server... package. The protocol need to run java-only implementation is known as Java Remote... further waits for client to invoke methods through these objects. When server 

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/network/rmi-client-and-rmi-server-implementation.shtml Mastering RMI: Developing Enterprise Applications in Java and EJB,Rickard Öberg...metrial for rmi  kinly tell book name which exactly explores the rmi 

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Rmi client  Sir i just created client and server following the RMI rule, its running properly in the localhost, when i am trying to run the program in the different machine its not working, i changed the ip also, when i copied 

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Java  Actually i need a source code of the Java RMI-based client/server in which it will allow users to perform addition, substraction, multiplication and square 

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RMI  1>when i run jar file with java -jar jarfile.jar it shows...,and run the client application   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: Hope that it will be helpful 

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of a interface. RMI is very promising technology from Java. It is used for accessing the business methods remotely. RMI handles all the low level methods of network... java files.   RMI-Example-3 In this example you will see function 

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java  I m using the concept of rmi to provide interaction between server and client. On the server side the server program should be kept in a running side then only the client side program be executed. I want to put the windows