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Introduction to Java Servlets

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Code showing standard
plz change the first picture of the code because the parameters of the doGet() method is wrong. Chandan Kumar Verma 

small correction pls
Hi in this page at the top you have mentioned "Web Servers include IBM’s Weblogic and BEA’s Websphere server. " is wrong.. It should be "Web Servers include IBM’s Websphere server and BEA’s Weblogic." instead. 

Web hosting
Hiiiiiiii,U r tutorials r simply superb and very help for java developers. I completed J2EE course and also hav done some projects in dis.I want to know abt Web Hosting.Pls Help me Regards Meher 

good material 

webserver example names misplaced
As u have mentioned Web Servers include IBM’s Weblogic and BEA’s Websphere server,actually the Weblogic from BEA & WebSphere from IBM.so plz make a note of it and correct it. 

Wrong web server name
It has written :-Web Servers include IBM’s Weblogic and BEA’s Websphere server but as per my knowledge it is Bea's weblogic and IBM's websphere.So please take care of these mistakes. 

mistake in document
Hi , I found in the theory "Servers include IBM’s Weblogic and BEA’s Websphere server. " is written But I think it is "IBM'sWebsphere Server and BEA's WEBlogic " I worked with BEA Weblogic not with BEA's Websphere server. For new peopl 

Please correct the sentence
I like to read tutorials in roseindia.net website very much.but today i encountered one mistake in the given description. you have written the following sentence in the above description: Web Servers include IBM’s Weblogi 

I really suprised with the servlet's example.I know the complete life cycle of the servlet!! 

pls send me
pls send me any one project on student details or college library using servlets 

Pankaj says........
nice to read ur tutorials.it keeps us holding and continuing to go through as good interest as it generates. 

Correction in the Introduction of Java Servlets
Article is great. But pleas correct the following lines. IBM Websphere and BEA’s Weblogic. In the introduction it is stated other way around by mistake Original Text: Web Servers include IBM’s Weblogic and BEA’s Websphere server  

excellant tutorials from roseindia
all the tutorials from roseindia are very good, very explanatory , easy to understand , and even the examples are good, i have read so many tutorials now from roseindia , thanks to the team who have worked on it , am trying for a job i hope i get 

about webserver
it is written that "Web Servers include IBM’s Weblogic and BEA’s Websphere server." I think they are application server 

regarding webservers
Please rectify the mistake which you have made as soon as possible..."eb Servers include IBM’s Weblogic and BEA’s Websphere server."...since,i am a frequent user of this sites,i am not seeing any modifications in mistakes 

small mistake in ur tutor
weblogics is developed by BEA and Webspheres is developed by IBM plz check it,sorry when mistake to understand by mine 

where to write servlet progrmm 

java servlet
excellent definition of servlet and easy to understand.. nice 

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