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Associations and Joins

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how does the above work
Can anyone help me with inner joins. I am trying to build a query similar to below SELECT s from School s, Address a where I am trying to fetch all those records from School table which has id number equal to the one in address table. 

exception setting property value with CGLIB
when i try to execute that mapping class i got following error can any one hep me to figur it out pls Hibernate: select as id0_, as id1_, as name3_0_, product0_.did as did3_0_, product0_.price as price3_0_ 

This is a very good head starter tutorial. In one day you can jump on to hibernate. I have a suggestion that the author should use the same database and tables through out the tutorial. In Criteria and Projection, examples are different from the insu 

hibernate associations and joins
Better if you provide tables also. Then we can understand lot better. 

SQL and java beans needed please
Could you please write me the table structure and the Product and Dealer java bean because I tried but no succeeded with mine. Is there a means to download the source of this tutorial. Thanks.  

Where are the inserts for this data?
Hi, Thanks for the tutorial. With the Insurance DB you provided the inserts for the data. Will you please do the same for the Poroduct/Dealer? Thanks again, Andrew 

error in mapping
hai i got error in association refers to unmapped class please help me its very urgent 

i have try this program but it is showing java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String showing in the line Product pro = (Product) pair[0]; in the program please give the solution for me it is very urgent.  

Can u give a clear picture of the association and join concepts with detailed example and explanation 

How with >=
How without "=", but with ">=" (on product0_.did> 

Section "Associations and Joins " is incomplete
Is this section "Associations and Joins" is completed or corrected. Because in the Join class two classes are used Dealer and Product but there is no java implementation for these two classes. Any comments ? 

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