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Tomcat Web Server

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Is tomacat6.0 or Above work as Application server
Hi sir please tell me tomcat work as application server or Its only work as webserver 

thank you so much 

java programer
I would like to prapare ur tutorails 

I want to no copy paste the url in jsp language with TOMCAT web sever  

This is one of the best site to learn programming Thanks for this  

it is more usefull for java programmers 

Difference between web server and Application Serv
Web server handles only Http requests where as Application server handles any protocol requests. Web server is 3-tier architecture where as Application server is n-tier architecture. Using web server we can deploy the applications like Jsp&servlets 

i like ur tutorial on server
ur tutorial is very gud to understand. 

i like ur tutorial on server
ur tutorial is very gud to understand. 

Informations are good. It would be more better if you could provide info to how to set up an application and to run that using tomcat 

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