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Web 3.0 Technologies

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Web 3.0
Hi, in my concern Web 3.0 is semantic web. Till now we are using syntex based future using web3.0 we will get output semantically. for example :In google if u search service means, it will show result bus,train,etc.. But u need only W 

Core difference between web and web 3.0
Hi Core difference between web and web 3.0: If you have browsed the web 2-3 years back and compare it with the today's websites like orkut, YouTube, you get a totally different look and feel. Now you take the internet as your daily need But wit 

What are the advantages of web3.0 compared to web
What are the advantages of web3.0 compared to web ? 

Hello, I think internet connective become major issue in web 3.0 as I see in web 2.0.. site like youtube,gmail,etc.. all need high speed connective.. and In India many people still using dial-up connection. Regards, K.Parmar  

customized Exception
HI , Hello friends , i have to use customized Exception in my struts based Application ,please help me to do this. Regards Vijay 

Software Developer/Consultant
good articles 

help me
how to connect java and vb with MS access and oracle 

web 3.0 technology
we want more information about web 3.0 technology for the perpose of giving seminars 

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