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TabbedPanel (Ajax Tag) Example

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Sitemesh problem
I get a singular behaviour using the tabbedpannel tag into a page decorated with sitemesh. Even I put the page into the excludes section in the decorators.xml file the problem persist. Any Idea. 

plz tell me...
hi... can u plz tell to change the theme....?  

problem with tabbedpannel tag
Guyz, this code is not going to work on struts 2. The reason being struts 2 is by default integrated with dojo and the default location for struts-dojo tags is WEB-INF/lib/struts-dojo a better way to make it work is to migrate to struts 2.1.2 a 

tabbedpanel not showing in struts 2
Your example doesnot show the tabs, rather it shows the content within each tab as plain html. I tried to run this code as a jsp in my struts 2.0.12 based application but it didnt work. any ideas? 

Problem with tabbedPanel
Hi, tank you for all, this examples are really helping... i have a problem when trying to implement tabbedPanel according to this example my output is This is the first panel. RoseIndia.nt This is the second 

Application Software Engineer
This tutorial didn't work in IBM RAD 7 

Gettin the following error can anybody help me ? No tag "tabbedPanel" defined in tag library imported with prefix "s" File: org/apache/jasper/compiler/  

Error using tag <tabbedPanel>
Hi, i'm trying to implement this example, but the error message is that "Unknown tag (s:tabbedPanel).", could you inform to me what .jar are necesstary? i am using struts2-core-1.1.6.jar. thank you for your attencion 

struts2.1.6 tabbepanel
hi, Im in search of this kind of example from past 4 weeks. im new to struts2.1.6. please let me know wat are thr jar files that are needed for the above example. kindly reply. Thanks & Regards Amarnath 

You have a tag library prefixed with "S" and that is the default struts tag library. It doesn't have a tag control named tabbedpanel. For that you should use the dojo library. I noticed that most of your examples are just a layout which misses one or 

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