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Struts 2 Redirect Action

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Thank You
Thank was useful form. 

Some Errors on this tutorial
1) /pages/ajaxlogincancel.jsp(9,0) Attribute debug invalid for tag head according to TLD, and when i tried after removing the debug attribute, getting following error - Messages: Template /template/ajax/head.ftl not found. Template /template/aja 

struts 2
this helps us thanks a lot! 

What is this
This example is simply nonsense 

Modify <result name="xxx">url to modifier..2 java
Hi, I'm interested in modify the url that is in <result name="">URL</result> to struts.xml from JAVA action. In Struts 1 was : actionForward.setPath(url); return actionForward; Thanks for all!! A greetings, Jorge Tarifa  

[object Error]
when i m running application with url http://localhost:8080/MyStruts/ajaxLoginCancel.action ,the first jsp page is being displayed http://localhost:8080/MyStruts/ajaxLoginCancel.jsp. But when i m submitting some value the url i m getting is same htt 

I do not know that this function addActionError(); Can you help? 

Superb tutorial for Struts 2
I have learn very much from this tutorial regarding Struts 2. The example given above makes even a average student to do better. 

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