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Write to a file

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Download code Link
Hi guys, Can anyone help me in implementing the download code link just like in this program as " Download this Program " .I am developing a web application using struts . In my application ,i have to return some PhP code to users with some input  

Copyng contents from a file rather than a string
So this creates a Filterfile.txt and contains "Hello java". Instead of containing "Hello Java" how would we make it so the new .txt file contains contents from another file? Thanks 

I've tried to compile the sample codes and yet it run but unfortunately that was not the answers of my problem.. but then you have a great samples..,hope that you give/put some more examples.. Thankz!  

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Download LINK  sorry i am the new1 to java. I am learning and doing the project, can you please send me the complete code. So that i can understand easily. i want the code like by Clicking DOWNLOAD button the SAVE as dialog box 

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i.e. it easier to write platform-independent code that examines and manipulates...; Lets see an example that checks the existence of  a specified file...:\nisha>java CreateFile1 New file "myfile.txt" has been created 

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java-io  Hi Deepak; down core java io using class in myn code twodimensional arry is not supportin. veryfy my code ... how can i modify this code. Thank you. RameshReddy T