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Overview of I/O Data Streams

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Java Version to be used
HI, You can use jdk 1.5 or above. This example will run on both versions of JDK. The current version of JDK is 6, so you use JDK 6 for testing the application. Thanks for using  

It is good. But Please mention the version of Java this will run. 

Data Input Stream
I need to get d input from d user using data input stream only. will it possible. wat's d code. ie) int a; string b; DataInputStream in=new DataInputStream(; a=Integer.parseInt(in.readLine()); b=in.readLine(); Is dis code is correc 

Java IO Program
very good tutorial  

About Code
This Code execute but throwing an exception why?????????????? 

Feed back
I appreciate the roseindia for providing such a nice, beautifull,well organised, and understandable stuffs of java for the java learners. Keep it up 

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