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Button Pressing Example

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How to set the setBounds for the buttons. And how to put the images on the frame . Please give some sample programs on that.  

image button
please help me to make button an image icon and when you press more than one time the icon change to another picture 

i would like to become java eeport can ableto help me plz 

This is really a fantastic site. It helps me a lot in solving my programming errors..... 

this website is very useful. it contains very good examples.  

Please, make a desciption about buttons.
Dear Sir and Madam Thanks for the useful web site. I am a student from japanese college, who is studying programs hard, recent days. here i have a question. how do you use buttons with actions? I want to write a button program. which does some va 

good example 

great Stuff
Hey It was a great Stuff. Thanks a lot. I want some more codes 7 I will choosethis site for my java awt programs 

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