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What is WAP? Detailed discussion of WAP API with examples.



test results
the test tool is not working so results are coming up on testing 

Thanks a lot.
Hi, My name is Gutta. I got this site when I was searching for a good notes regarding WML. I had had no idea about WML before I saw this site. This is such a good site that can give a clear idea about WML with some good examples. I heartfully thank  

Thanks From Sibananda For WAP
Thanks Sir For Providing Valuable Information For Learning The WAP. Please Give Some More On It & The SCOPE of it. 


Image stitching
Plz provide source code for image stitching in core java. 

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What is WAP? Detailed discussion of WAP API with examples.
WAP Tutorial Learn WAP quickly. Learn WAP in 60 minutes Wireless Application Protocol or WAP for short, allows 

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What is WAP?
What is WAP?  What is WAP?   Hi, Check the tutorial: What is WAP? Thanks 

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