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Creating Custom Validators in STRUTS



small mistake in tutorial
o think you made mistake: Should it be type="test.AdminAction" <action path="/AdminFormValidation" type="test.AdminForm" name="AdminForm" scope="request" validate="true" input="admin.jsp"> <forward name="su 

Importing validator-rules.xml into your project
Hi, I have been using Eclipse3.2 and Struts 1.3.5. From the tutorial "Creating Custom Validators", I was a bit confused with finding the location of validator-rules.xml file. At last, I found it under struts-core-1.3.5.jar. You can either import st 

RE: think you made mistake:
I think mariusz is correct. It should be type="test.AdminAction" whereas he wrote: <action path="/AdminFormValidation" type="test.AdminForm" name="AdminForm" scope="request" validate="true" input="admin.jsp"> <forward name="success" path="s 

Rudiments to beginners
There is no word to express your hard work.. "Every duty is holy and devotion to duty is the highest form of worship of god." -swami vivekanada. 

hi sir your material is very help ful thanks 

struts validation without dynavalidationForm
i done with out dynavalidationForm. i have write validate method also. And it can't work. what can i do? please help me?  

very good stuff
its a very good information on struts validation,giving clear understanding hw it works. 

Error Message q
does the validation frame work allows to customize the message that is displayed. For example if username and passsword is empty then via sturts framework we would see password is required username is required. but instead i want to see .. Us 

re: how to invoke both
I have written a two Custom Validators to say validate the zipCode and email separately. And I am validating other form properties say firstname, lastname in the Forms validate() method. I have defined the zipCode and email validation under validatio 

Is the setting <message-resources parameter="resources/application"/> correct? Based on the struts doc, . should be used instead. What do you think? Thanks.  

custom validation
this example is not running properly because of form name does not match as u entered AddressForm and AdminForm 

Struts Validation example
Please mail me the sample mailing application in zip format for the "login" related one. Waiting for it.. 

Creating Custom Validators in STRUTS
Hi Murthy ! I have tried your example , but dont you think that there should be a class having method "validateName()" and the path of this class file should be as struts.jar->org.apache.struts.validator->FieldChecks.class. Actually it should  

friends please tell me what is the use of debug an details in web.xml file in struts <init-param> <param-name>debug</param-name> <param-value>3</param-value> </init-param> <init-param> <param-name>details</param-name> <param-value>3</param-val 

Good Link
It is very good link and it is very use full for fresh who is learning Struts Frame work. Regards, Rajesh.... 

Great tutorial Thanks
There's another mistake. It must be formName="AdminForm" The code states instead that... <!-- Begin Validator Javascript Function--> <html:javascript formName="AddressForm"/>//here.. <!-- End of Validator Javascript Function--> </html:form>  

Thanks a million
Very Simple illustration of the custom javascript validator. Keep sharing all that you know. There are ppl like us being benefitted. 

Creating Custom Validators in STRUTS
these codes are not working 

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