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Hibernate Avg() Function (Aggregate Functions)



little mistake in query syntax
There is a little mistake should be avg(insurance.investementAmount) 

HQL Query
I want to retrieve max values of one column for all unique values of another column.Can any one help me to write the HQl query? 

read data from xls sheet
RoseIndian, I want to learn how to retrieve data from xls sheet to the java program 

mapping file for select query
Hi, Could you please give me the mapping and config files for select query. thanks Revathi 

I want to learn how to display data in PDF from java program. 

You must change the query
Change the query as String SQL_QUERY = "select avg (insurance.investementAmount) from Insurance insurance"; So that the above example will be executed.  

probelm in avg
Dear RoseIndia, I m getting error in running the above sample while debugging I m getting error on line List list = query.list(); Kindly let me know is it the issue of compatibility of any installation. Abhishek  

aggregate fundtions not working
Dear sir, I m trying to run the above example but it is going into the exeption after the line List list = query.list(); giving me the following err No data type for node: org.hibernate.hql.ast.AggregateNode [AGGREGATE] Aggregat 

very useful roseindia
Tutorials are very nice and useful to all developers. Thanks to sponsers of this site. 

I love 

Best way
you can modify the code like this package roseindia.tutorial.hibernate; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.List; import org.hibernate.Query; import org.hibernate.Session; import org.hibernate.SessionFactory; import org.hibernat 

Regarding the Aggregate Functions
Dear Madam, As per the subject line I am trying to Excute the avg aggregate function program but I am facing the problem as Query is SELECT InvestementAmount FROM INSURANCE insurance Exception::No data type for node: org.hibernate.hql.ast.IdentN 

Very good Tutorial 

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