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Login/Logout With Session

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Highly informative for struts2 beginners. many thanks 

Retrieve session id
How do I retrieve session id inside the action class? 

having query regarding session.put()
Hi it is very usefull site for begginers like me. i have gone through this sessions. i am having query related to session.put("logged-in","true").my query here is where do we use those objects which are declared in session.put(). i would 

Doubt regarding login/logout session
I have done as per the example, i am facing a problem. After loggin out we can still go to the previous page. Is there any way to come totally out of that, so that when you press back button it must not go to previous page 

Error with the "redirect" things
Hi, I'm currently learning the Struts2 through this tutorial, but at this page, I got some error. When I do exactly what this page said, I can't access the login.action, it says that there's some null pointer exception; then I delete the "type=redire 

good tutorial for struts
Thanks for giving these tutorials which will help all the beginners in struts. I have some doubt in this tutorial(Login/Logout With Session). I am listing it below. 1) What's the need of public String logout() throws Exception { Ma 

my question is the same of vijaykumar 

Where is the loginCheck.jsp?
The Success.jsp has this include - but I don't see where it is, and the is missing all kinds of files from here. 

<s:if test="#session.login != 'admin'"> <jsp:forward page="/pages/uiTags/Login.jsp" /> </s:if> its supposed to validate the login function, so if u enter ther web without login, this jsp redirects u 2 the login.jsp But.....w 

Must be typo
Must be typo errors here, I think we should better check out the source code example to test things out! 

<s:if test="#session.login != 'admin'"> where does login come from?  

Solution for the Error
I'm a beginer of Struts Framework Programing. i just started with this Login tiutorial but i got error at Runtime like this. "The Struts dispatcher cannot be found. This is usually caused by using Struts tags without the associated filter. Strut 

hi to everybody, in the article above the user needs to login and logout explicitally. i need that the logout occours also when the user closes its browser and when the session expires. someone can help me? thank's 

same question as michele
same question as michele  

<s:if test="#session.login != 'admin'">
Where does session.login came from?  

wrong code
Why did you need put this line: <jsp:include page="/struts2tags/pages/uiTags/loginCheck.jsp" /> in Success.jsp Where is the code for loginCheck.jsp. Can you please ensure your code works before posting here. 

Changes needed
1) Success.jsp:loginCheck.jsp should be replaced with checkLogin.jsp 2) Add following line to execute(). session.put("login","admin"); 

Error in code
<s:if test="#session.login != 'admin'"> should be replaced by <s:if test="#session.login-in != 'true'"> Thanks 

Struts 2 Validation
We are migrating our Struts 1.x application to Struts 2.1.6 and currently we are using Struts Validation framework where the parameterized error messages are picked up from resource bundle. field.required=Field '{0}' is required. field.numeric=Fi 

Small error in naming
Hi! I noticed small error in this tutorial: You wrote name of jsp page: 'checkLogin.jsp' and after in source of Success.jsp file is: <jsp:include page="/struts2tags/pages/uiTags/loginCheck.jsp" /> Best regards Andrew 

Struts 2 session login
I was unable to get the Sucess.jsp file to display after entering Login Id admin and Password admin. I have created a new loginCheck.jsp for addition under uiTags. <%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags" %> <%@ page language="java" contentTy 

Thank you~
How useful site it is... 

correction of the tutorial until this page
i have done the tutorial and if some one need help im connected in gmail 

Use of - session.put("logged-in","true")
Actually you don't use session.put("logged-in","true") anywhere in the code. The authors must have forgotten to test their code before publishing it. If you change the file checkLogin.jsp, line: <s:if test="#session.login != 'admin'"> to <s:if test 

help me
I don't have ActionSupport. java 

The line on checkLogin.jsp: <s:if test="#session.login != 'admin'"> should be updated like this: <s:if test="#session.logged-in != 'true'"> It is because in the the key and value put into the session was: session.put("logged 

comment to post
in the article above the user needs to login and logout explicitally. i need that the logout occours also when the user closes its browser and when the session expires.  

what about objects?
I want to know how do i pass objects in session; how do i pass an object set in an action class and retrieve it in jsp? Example: public String execute() { Student student = StudentDataManager.getStudent(userId); session.put(student, student);  

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