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Application Server

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Main use of eis tier actually three tiers is there client tire is as like as view and middle tier is business logic and lost tier is Eis tier it is also combination of midddle tier what is main use of EIS tier actually use 

I am learning ejb. I want know how to create ejb application 

test comment
Main use of eis tier actually three tiers is there client tire is as like as view and middle tier is business logic and lost tier is Eis tier it is also combination of midddle tier what is main use of EIS tier actually use design patterns in th 

In the interview point of view What is mean by EJB? please tell me answer If you know 

Thanks to the authority of for good implementation and presentation of new technology......... 

in the above image i see a tag remote COBRA objects. i hav heard abt CORBA-common object request broker architecture.wat is this COBRA??????  

Good Intro
Hi Good Intro Regards David 

your info was of great help. keep posting new topics.  

refreshing problem
the page is refreshing atomaticalever time with in seconds it disturbing our concentration and plz rectify the problem as early as posible 

my feedback
the tutorial is really very good and helpful. 

the informations are really informative  

Server side processing
As of my knowledge the Java script will run in the browser(I mean in the Client level). But in the above picture its showing in the "Server side processing" 

Application server
Please read it carefully what have you written above.Where is the defination of application server. 


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