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Select Tag (Form Tag) Example

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Set selected option
Hello, Is there any ways for us to set selected option based on variables set by an action who render the jsp for success result? like on your example, how can we automatically set the selected option of date, to option number 5 maybe. 

retriving data in d action class
hi any one of u may plz inform me after selecting d data from the jsp, how we can retrive dat data in d action class.  

500 Exception
Has anyone else received this error from this example? Or can someone let me know how I can get this example to work. Thanks. tag 'select', field 'list', name 'daysname': The requested list key 'day' could not be resolved as a collection/array/m 

i am not able to see the whole result
Hi i am getting only title ie "select tag Examples". i am not getting the other result can any help me over here 

How do you see the selected month in the action?
Good job showing how to add the select box. Now how do we use the data that gets submitted with the form? I have uses the month example in a page with an action that has a getter and setter for the field I put in the name attribute of the select ta 

Strut2 and Weblogic
When I use the struts2 select tag with a static map like: <s:select label="Select Month" name="monthname" headerKey="1" headerValue="-- Please Select --" list="#{'01':'January','02':'February','03':'March','04':'April', '05' 

drop down creation problem
if we are returning array of bean how can make drop down list.we select only selected fiield from bean. 

There is actually a problem with this tag in Struts 2 !! If you give a namespace to appropriate package and containing form, select tag doesn't recognize list parameter anymore. 

How about internationalization in list attribute? 

Select tag in table rows
Hi i have something like this: <input type="text" name="myInputValues['<s:property/>']" value="0" size="4"/> myValue is Map<String, String>, where <s:property/> is key (String) to input values in table rows... I have to do this with <select> t 

What's associating Weekday class to SelectTag.jsp
Is this done in struts.xml. If so can I see this artifact too in context of this example 

Struts 2.0
How to write logic tag in struts2.0 can you help me plz 

Problem with <s:select />
I have EmpID, EmpName. I want add Empname as listkey and EmpID as listvalue. Please some help me to do this. Thanks in advance 

Sorting Values
I using a hashMap as the list for a select tag. Is there a way to sort the values by the listValue? i.e. I have a hashmap where the key is a country code like "CAN" and the value is the country name like "Canada". I want to sort the select list by 

What about the List values
Do you always have to select something childish like Fruits, animals and days of week. How about something like list of celebrities or something? 

Label doesn't appear
Hi! I have a problem with the property label. I have tried to run the examples but they don't work. The label doesn't appear, but I have copy the code from the example. I don't know why it happens. 

Simply super. 

Lead Consultant
This is a very useful quick access tutorial for start using Struts 2. I find it very useful. It is just like a small palm book where u can look for a solution and use it. 

Value retain in select tag
Everything is working fine in with tomcat server,but how to retain the values in the select drop down list box after page is refreshed. 

Good For Problem Solving
Hello sir/madam, I m happy to inform u that through this website i got the solution of my problem. i kindly inform u that u have any kind of tips of struts2 programming just send me on my mail Dhaval Thaket 

Overcomplicated answers
All I need is the mapping. What goes in what properties of select tag.  

software Devloper
your code snippet is not working... 

Cannot execute the example
Hi y'all !! This example has been driving me crazy for the last 2 days and I can't find a solution. I execute the code just as shown above (except for adding <String> to the 'List' element in, but I can't retrieve nothing but this 

NOT working
i have tried this. but it is not showing the select boxes .. 'plzz help me the error is ........... SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception tag 'select', field 'list', name 'daysname': The requested list key 'day' could no 

not working
when i runing this page no select is coming on the page only label "select tag examples is coming". plzzz help me i need it very urgent....... thank u 

problem with select tag !!`
i worked with the above example but m getting a error msg like given below... Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception tag 'select', field 'list', name 'daysname': The requested list key 'day' could not be resolved as a collection/arra 

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