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Include Tag (Data Tag) Example

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includeTag (Data Tag) Example not working
includeTag (Data Tag) Example not working(the constructor date(string) is deprecated) anybody tell me how to use in another way... 

Include this method in java file...
Include this method in java file... ... public void setMyBirthday(Date d){ myBirthday=d; } ...  

struts2 with hibernate tutorial, struts2 with jdbc
Hi, this is sravan. Working in Malaysia. Your tutorial on struts2 is very helping for me. 1)please provide me struts2 with hibernate tutorial, 2)struts2 with jdbc tutorial (or) send me any tutorial links based on above concepts.  

include and accent
i face problem with accent (for example é) when i'm using <s:include !! all my pages are fileencoded in iso8859-1  

nice="true" can u tell me y we r using this... 

This will not work
the include tag will not work because the action is never called. 

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