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Control Tags-If / Else If / Else


Where does the vairable test come from
I see all these examples that include an object or variable called 'test'. Where does this come from. e.g. s:if test="%{#technologyName=='Java'}"> 

<s:if test="%{#parameters.myParameter==7}">
why doesn't work? 

if condition with in iterator
Will this tag work within an 'iterator' tag along with s:set tag  

very useful
for a learner ,it introduces purposes of struts2 tags. 

S:if condition not working
<s:if test="%{'generalInfoMap['MSG_IDENTIFIER']'=='O'}"> is not working though it carries O in it 

I got some knowledge abt struts2 in this example 

what is the uses of this taglib and prefix. <%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags" %> 

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