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What is Java Servlets?

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what is reverse of encapsulation? 

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Difference b/w abstraction and encapsulation
whatis the difference between DataAbstraction & Data Encapsulation 

Best site for all topics
This is the only site i found where in i can get each and everything under one roof. All the topics are covered in a vary managed form and concepts are explailned very well. 

java version1.0
can u tell me which class in java 1.0. thank you.  

servlets,jsp,adobe flex
servlets,jsp,adobe flex 

needed some example  

Programming of servlet and how to use it??
A servlet program and its compilation process??? 

what is the diff. between applet and servlet? 

what is the diff. between java and j2ee 

File upload in flex (front end), struts(back end)
Hi can any body help me out how can i upload a file in flex 3 so that i can catch that file at server side using struts framework  

struts running procedure in tomcat
Want to know , how to run the struts program using tomcat server 

can u do 1 favour i,e i am new to java but i want to become mastry in java wt r the suggestful sites java free projects  

can u do 1 favour i,e i am new to java but i want to become mastry in java wt r the suggestful sites java free projects 

just i started learning need some time to comment about it 

hi, my name is sailaja please issue me the material in a simple way than u gave in rose india about servelets 

jsp project
i want to jsp project definition.plz give me project definition as soon as posible.thank you.  

hi could u tell me how can we implement session bean 

not up to expectations
the information is not up to the expectations for servlets 

hi please send me material about servlets,jbc and how servlets used in HTML and how they are connected with JDBC  

Servlet Explnation
The above given explanation is best for beginners as they want to start their carrier with java servlet and jsp.I have got a lot of benifit after reading this tutorias. 

How am go to group discussion 

About your help.
Your site is really very helpful for beginners and all.  


data insufficient
not able to find right thing here is site having very less information. 

good site
This is a very useful site, especially for beginners.I love the simple way in which things have been explained 

B-tech 2007 passout to learn java
can u do 1 favour i,e i am new to java but i want to become mastry in java wt r the suggestful sites java free projects 

i am also need of same stuff
hi venu gopal, I would like to do the same in my application. i searched in net but no use. can u help if possible. expecting your reply. 

I find each content in rose india site fully usefull for every beginner 

New for servlets
HI pls suggest me appropriate side or give some basic examples about servlets so we can understand.suggest some good materials for j2ee 

how to run servlet
please tell me about the servlet can I run the program on my machine.tell me in details..please reply me soon.. 

How am go to group discussion
can u do 1 favour i,e i am new to java but i want to become mastry in java wt r the suggestful sites java free projects  

What is Thread?
Hi, This is Suresh Kumar Kaushik.This is a very good site which provides all the tutorials. Thanks. 

Regarding servlet container
how many requests can handle a Servlet Container or JSP Container in Tomcat at a Time? 

its good but some examples of servlet programing also should be there  

plz can i know the use of the servlet and who to inplement it on my site or web page plz replay me no my mail 

The information about the basics is covered in a good fashion. I hope this site will be helpful for revising . 

its easy lang. so learn fast 

it is excellent site in java
i don't know ur friend suggested this site to see once. it is exacellent. 

java servlet
Hai....I am having no ideas about servelet.i am new to java.please tell me a breif intro about it 

server side& client side
what is sever side servlet is used as server side application,give the description.  

i need ful details about EJB and also i need a program for stateless EJB library,bank operation program.and how to develop EJB applications 


many explanation
very usefull 

Its Powerful
I like this tutorial, it has helped me so well in enhanceing my web development skills...thanx Lukonde from zambia.  

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