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Hibernate Annotations

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J2EE Developer
Deepak, I'm really impressed these tutorials. Thanks for doing such wonderful job. Thanks, Murthy 

One-Many Reation Mapping using Hibernate Annotaion
I am very much pleased with the demonstration provided for annotions usage. Please provide me futher information like Relational Mapping using Annotaions. where should I configure one-to-many relations if there is no employee.hbm.xml file  

Good Work
This tutor is really helpful. Thanks a lot for all those code snippets. Sam 

how to add to_date function in hibernate query
how to add to_date function in hibernate query as to_date(column name,'yyyy.MM.dd') 

Can u show me how can i do one-to-many association with annotation in hibernate !!!  

Gud Article
It is really a nice article to go thru... 

i hope this help you
sqlString = "INSERT INTO rent VALUES " + "("+idrent+",(to_date("+daterent+",'dd/MM/yyyy')),(to_date("+datelimitedvolution+",'dd/MM/yyyy')),"+cost+","+idclient+","+idstore+")";  

i hope this help you
sqlString = "INSERT INTO rent VALUES " + "("+idrent+",(to_date("+daterent+",'dd/MM/yyyy')),(to_date("+datelimiteddevolution+",'dd/MM/yyyy')),"+cost+","+idclient+","+idstore+")";  

Hibernate Exception
This is my Annotations Classs import; import java.sql.Timestamp; import java.util.Date; import javax.persistence.Column; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.GeneratedValue; import javax.persistence 

it was very helpful. keep helping us. thanks. 

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