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Struts2 Actions

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update a set of table records
Hi, I have a table that is editable and on submitt, i would need to pass the details as collection of VOs to the server. Usually in the older versions of struts this was done using DynaActionForm with "index" set as true. Is there a way to d 

Good and Usefull
U r doing a very good things.It help me to study very well and share my doubts for answer.Thanks roseindia. 

some errors on this page
1) "public class NewAction implements addDependency {" on this line interface method is wrong, it should look like "public class NewAction implements ServletRequestAware { " 2) "public void String execute() throws Exception ", on this line please r 

I'm not sure "public void String execute() throws Exception" is correct could you please check it ? 

Wrong Interface implemented
There is a wrong interface is implemented for the "NewAction" example. It should be ServletRequestAware not addDependecy 

goog training
You are providing a very goog training on struts 2. This is a very Good tutorial for novice Users. Thanks... 

Hello sir, I am new in structs1 and I want to learn it in detail. then I go through structs2. so please suggest me one of best site or free download of best books of structs1. your tutorial is really very nice and all parts are describe simply. but  

Do correction your content
Please do correction below line in your example //incorrect public void String execute() throws Exception //correct public String execute() throws Exception class NewAction { public void String execute() throws Exception { if ( its-ok( 

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struts2  dear deepak sir plz give the struts 2 examples using file