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Zip Folder Using Java

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I was very confused for compressing a folder. But i got it from your site. Thanx a lot and hope your site will solve many more my problems in future. Regards Guddu Prusty  

Zip subfolders and files inside
How to Zip the Subfolders and files Inside the subfolders in java ??  

Java source code to zip the folders
Dear sir, Thanks for the souce code. But please let me know How to Zip the Subfolders and files Inside the subfoldrs in java. Thanks in advance Ramesh  

Zipping a Folder
Hi, Thanks u for this code. But With this code i can able to zip a fodler which does not have Subfolders. But please let me know How to zip a folder with subfolders  

ZipFolder using java by format date
package com.smedia.filetranfer; import; import; import; import java.text.DateFormat; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import java.util.Calendar; import;  

Not Working Properly
Not Working Properly. Need changes, does not get Directory Tree. 

Zip a directory
How to keep directory structure in compressed file (i.e. adding empty directories as zipentry, perhaps storing??? I know name should end with "/") Best Regards, Crispijn 

Thank u for giving valuble information and it is good tutorial to us  

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