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Struts 2 Validation Example

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Question on 'message' field in the validation.xml
what if the application require the message field in the validation.xml being supported by different languages? 

how can use validiation in struts 

Lost theme
I lost my theme when the validation result is false. How can I force to have a single theme for the app?  

Grea8 Job
Thanks yar, Its really helpful meterial, Chak dey RoseIndia!!! Vajahat,Lahore, Pakistan 

Thank you
Its really helpful 

Form based login support in struts 2
I want to validate username and password by accessing the DB.Im using the FORM based authentication and I'm using the JBOSS server After the authentication of the server I want to load the next page how can I do that using struts 2 

What version of Jboss did you use ?
I am getting an error with JBoss 5 RC1 : URI scheme is not "file"  

How to validate the Option Button
I have three to four Option Button how can i Valiate the selected button 

validation for datetimepicker
hi, this is sampath.Iam facing the problem with daterimepicker of clientside validation using javascript. every time i getting the value of datetimepicker is 1565. how to solve the problem with javascript. please give the some solution for the da 

struts2 validation problem
i have an issue on struts validation. i have created a Action-validation.xml file there i have defined 2 fileds as requiredstring. but in some pages i do not want to validate two fileds i want validation to be done for one field 

not able to make out MVC parts in this example
Hi, I have tried Login.jsp and example. IT is working fine for me. But, i am not able to make out which is model part and which is controller part in this exmaple. login.jsp is view-part in (MVC). which represents Model and Controller  

Struts 2 validation xml
Is it possible to use the same validation file for 2 actions in Struts 2? If so, how? How to implement validation for - if start date is > end date in validation.xml Thanks. 

about struts application
i want to know about struts application with validations using database. 

client side validation in struts 2 using xml
i used client side validation in struts 2 .but message will display only on the top of the component.i want to display it on the top of the page ya right side of the component. Que: how to configure parameter for the message tag or any other alter 

probleme white generated javascript code
hello everybody i'm trying to integrate validation on my web app so first i created LoginAction-validation.xml (for LoginAction Action) and i activated validation for my form (validate="true") , but where i execute the program and i look at javascrip 

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