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Java Master Java Java Object Oriented Language

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your material good but please correct method overloading definition because in method overloading full signature is not different only arguments are different.

Posted by Deepak Kumar on Friday, 08.27.10 @ 13:21pm | #99201


Posted by sushant behera on Wednesday, 01.27.10 @ 15:36pm | #94364

There is an Error in in Inheritance Program we have to pass two arguments but in this program you passed one one argument ---> obj.fun2(2);

it should be like this obj.fun2(2,5);

Posted by Kamalakannan on Wednesday, 01.6.10 @ 23:58pm | #93834

Abstraction and encapsulation are two quite separate concepts in Java. Abstraction is a technique that is used to represent common functionality amongst a set of classes. An analogy is to look at a set of vehicles: Car, Truck and Bus have some common features that all road vehicles share. From a Java perspective, the mechanics of turning four wheels, an engine, could be handled in abstract form through a common superclass. Abstraction allows subclasses to share common code without duplication.

Posted by anindya on Sunday, 01.3.10 @ 23:34pm | #93755

This information was really useful and easy to understand, nice to see such sites. It gives a beginner an enthusiasm to learn more.

Posted by Vijayalakshmi on Tuesday, 07.28.09 @ 12:01pm | #89638

I want to learn java in one month...
Help me..

Posted by Somnath Chakraborty on Monday, 07.13.09 @ 13:15pm | #89274

im a student at the university of limpopo in south africa, im studying computer science second year. we dont have a stable lecturer in java, but since i started accuring information from you guyz, i am getting good in Java programing. i realy appriciate itthank you

Posted by nyiko on Friday, 05.15.09 @ 16:07pm | #87741

that's amazing for your web, a long time for me to search many web for my library for studying java language, that will be greater if this site has many source again, i will be support with my skill..thanks all

Posted by febief on Wednesday, 04.15.09 @ 14:27pm | #86827

I would like to receive objective questions sample papers based on advanced java .

Posted by Abhinav on Sunday, 01.25.09 @ 11:24am | #84146

how a variable can break encapsulation?or what is breaking of emcapsulation.please calrify

Posted by sathya on Monday, 01.19.09 @ 07:15am | #83948


Posted by muthumariappan on Saturday, 12.27.08 @ 12:25pm | #83222

in the example of Inheritance downloaded code is correct but the code displayed in website is wrong;
one number is missing in last line i.e.

change it to obj.fun2(2,5);

Posted by Shankar on Friday, 12.5.08 @ 06:03am | #82440

this site is really superb!
its very good & easy one for those who r learning java!
its goodone!
plz include more examples!
and more topics!

Posted by bindu on Monday, 10.6.08 @ 12:24pm | #80923

i am nikhl gujjewar i like this site mst because i found here which is in java

Posted by nikhil on Wednesday, 07.2.08 @ 15:10pm | #65326

hey guys this site is xtrememly xcellent for newbies , i appreciate ur work ,
hats off to u
keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!
plz include more examples

Posted by Anshuman Singh on Sunday, 05.25.08 @ 09:47am | #60976

well i m not clear about the diffrence between encapsulationa nad abstraction plz help me out with a simple example

Posted by suraj on Thursday, 03.27.08 @ 17:14pm | #54495

I saw lot of Java study materials on Internet but this site materials is really superb.
I appreciate your efforts and work of working in which you are doing.
Keep It up...!!!
Sandeep Ruhela

Posted by Sandeep Ruhela on Thursday, 03.27.08 @ 17:05pm | #54494

thanku for giving gud examples...

Posted by pri on Sunday, 11.4.07 @ 13:34pm | #35505

i need extra information about static variables and non static variables

Posted by pavan on Monday, 07.16.07 @ 20:45pm | #21396

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