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Java as an Object Oriented Language



i need extra information about static variables and non static variables 

thanku for giving gud examples... 

Superb Site for Java
HI, I saw lot of Java study materials on Internet but this site materials is really superb. I appreciate your efforts and work of working in which you are doing. Keep It up...!!! Sandeep Ruhela  

diffrence between abstraction and encapsulation
well i m not clear about the diffrence between encapsulationa nad abstraction plz help me out with a simple example 

hey guys this site is xtrememly xcellent for newbies , i appreciate ur work , hats off to u keep it up !!!!!!!!!!! plz include more examples  

i am nikhl gujjewar i like this site mst because i found here which is in java  

this site is really superb! its very good & easy one for those who r learning java! its goodone! plz include more examples! and more topics! 

code mistake
in the example of Inheritance downloaded code is correct but the code displayed in website is wrong; one number is missing in last line i.e. obj.fun2(2); change it to obj.fun2(2,5); 


breakin encapsulation -regd
how a variable can break encapsulation?or what is breaking of emcapsulation.please calrify 

I would like to receive objective questions sample papers based on advanced java . 

thanks...for the source code tutorial
that's amazing for your web, a long time for me to search many web for my library for studying java language, that will be greater if this site has many source again, i will be support with my skill..thanks all  

Appriciate the information
im a student at the university of limpopo in south africa, im studying computer science second year. we dont have a stable lecturer in java, but since i started accuring information from you guyz, i am getting good in Java programing. i realy apprici 

Learn Core Java
I want to learn java in one month... Help me.. 

Beginner Java code with samples
This information was really useful and easy to understand, nice to see such sites. It gives a beginner an enthusiasm to learn more. 

Abstraction and encapsulation are two quite separate concepts in Java. Abstraction is a technique that is used to represent common functionality amongst a set of classes. An analogy is to look at a set of vehicles: Car, Truck and Bus have some common 

Error in Inheritance program
There is an Error in in Inheritance Program we have to pass two arguments but in this program you passed one one argument ---> obj.fun2(2); it should be like this obj.fun2(2,5);  


Object oriented features
your material good but please correct method overloading definition because in method overloading full signature is not different only arguments are different. 

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