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Classes in Java

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explanation about method over riding
hi sir, can u please explain me about method over riding and method overloading in java. Tell me in which situations they are very much useful. 

JAVA Introduction
The classes are blueprint of objects, means it is the collection of attribute, property etc. 

java is a nice programming language to access the internet.I love more java language. 

tell me when this classes will pass on 

Please deliver clarity on the below how a base class can point to its derived class without knowing its existatnce in the class Heirarchy(Couse for the doubt, A base class reffernce can hold derived class object)  

database system
1.what is a database system 2.what is using database  

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method over riding
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about predefine classes.....
about predefine classes.....  how we know that the class used in your given examples are predefind and from where we get info. about other predefine classes. we need explanation about examples given by you for java beginners 


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Classes in Java
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the explanation in internet,but not very clear about it. Thank you 

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Video Tutorial - Classes and Objects in Java
In this video tutorial you will learn about Classes and Objects in Java... to java tutorial series. In this lesson, you will learn about Classes... is classes in Java programming language and how to declare these objects and classes