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JSF Installation on Tomcat

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page connot find
When i try to setup this procedure, when testing it cannot find hello.jsp.. It's look like the hello.jsf is converted to hello.jsp when requested. 

error message
hi all when i started testing of this application. it shows the follwing message "The requested resource (/jsf12/hello.jsp) is not available." any solution for this? thanks  

I made some changes to get this working: My web.xml file: ====================================== <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <!DOCTYPE web-app PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN" " 

Hello.jsf -> Hello.jsp
Hello If you get this error: The requested resource (/jsf12/hello.jsp) is not available. There is a mistake in the article saying 'create hello.jsf'. Instead, it has to be 'hello.jsp'. All the rest of the text here is ok (even the redirect 

Hi i have followed each step in this tutorial. and when i started testing this error has been occurred: HTTP Status 503 - Servlet Faces Servlet is currently unavailable -------------------------------------------------------------------- 

tomcat jsf error
When i followed as "JSF Installation on Tomcat" following error hit.. Aug 22, 2007 2:46:08 PM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext listenerStart SEVERE: Error configuring application listener of class |CONFIG_LISTEN_CLASS| java.lang.Clas 

The Tutorial says to create a file "hello.jsf". THIS IS WRONG! IT SHOULD BE "hello.jsp"! 

Tom 6
This runs only on tomcat 6.0. Means tomcat 5 does not support for JSF? 

simple JFS not runnig
when i run --> http://localhost:8080.login on browsser I get error code 404 . PLase tell me solution 

Fixing: HTTP Status 503 - Servlet Faces Servlet is
Make sure that the directory under WEB-INF is called : "lib" and NOT "libs" That should take care of the error: HTTP Status 503 - Servlet Faces Servlet is currently unavailable 

URL is not working
I unable to downlaod the version of JSTL from  

jsf on jboss
I want to run my jsf application in JBoss. please help me 

JSF Tutorial
Very good tutorial on creating and configuring first JSF application. 

JSF with Tomcat6.0
This is very good for starting JSF with Tom6.0 Please keep on writing and give information about how to run Hibernate with which web-server. 

Create Hello.jsp and not jsf.Otherwise you will get page not found error.Everything else is fine. 

Tomcat Errors
I followed each step, but tomcat show the following errors: SEVERE: Error configuring application listener of class com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/el/ExpressionFactory org.apache.catalina.loader.St 

"hello.jsf" ->"hello.jsp"
Yes,the "hello.jsf" file should be "hello.jsp",or it will generate errors 

jsf error
hello, i am able to download and run this jsf12 application to check integration of jsf and tomcat but am unable to run LRapplication or hello application provided on roseindia tutorial... please help me out..m getting error as "The requested reso 

JSF Materials are not enough
First of all..Thanks to Rose India Team for such wonderful site. It has really helped me to learn Java. But the JSF materials are not enough. Please post other example also which include application having rich faces, JDBC, SPRING, JSF 1.2, Validati 

tell me
can i run ejb on tomcat6 in jdk1.6.0 

good start up
It is technically good start up. 

There is a mistake in the article. The file name should be hello.jsp instead of hello.jsf. 

Not getting output
hi, when I access http://localhost:8080/jsf12/index.jsp or http://localhost:8080/jsf12, I am not getting any output, it is showing blank page. when I access http://localhost:8080/jsf12/hello.jsf, I am getting output. Is there any issue with my setu 

Small correction in the above code
<jsp:forward page="hello.jsf"/> Please change the name of the file as hello.jsp its not jsf 

Good stuff
Good starting pointer to JSF learners... Thank you. 

very good article for beginners!!!
very good article for beginners!!! 

Hi I have followed the tutorial and then get the error "The requested resource (/jsf12/) is not available.". Even i have also renamed the "Hello.jsf" to "Hello.jsp" but it still showing the same error. Help needed thanks. 

First JSF code
Hi I am new to JSF technology. Both the code included in is having ".jsp" extension !! If I change hello.jsp to hello.jsf index.jsp fails to access it. Please suggest. Avijit Dutta 

HI, I am using Tomact6.0.14 unter ubuntu. I followed the tutorial step by step but it is not working. When I call the localhost and the path in the browser I see the http 404 problem; source not available. Did I foerget something? 

Start my webapp
Hi there,I followed the steps on JSF Installation on Tomcat but instead of naming my folder JSF1 I named it KIC_WEBAPP, when trying to run it on my browser i.e (Google Chrome) I'm getting The requested resource (/KIC_WEBAPP/) is not available.Apache  

Mistake in this artical
please change the name hello.jsp instead of hello.jsf inside the "creating JSP files" section. I figured out by downloading your "Download the integrated application from here". nice article. Thanks Purvi 

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