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Check Even-Odd:-Example

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can you complete this proram for me
import* ; class ThreeSums { public static void main ( String[] args ) throws IOException { int[] data = {3, 2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 97, 24, 54}; // declare and initialize three sums // compute the sums  

when i type even, the output should be even numbers like 1,3,5,7.... 

java program
hi can u make me a program that inputs a five integer, then it determines that inputted value and displays the largest number and the lowest number in a separate dialog box thanks more power to you!!! 

Best Thought
it is a good site for help in java. i like your example. Thanku  

Hi, Is there any methord by which i can use this logic in webpage I want to create colums in a table based on the intial input EG Total = 10 col 1 would hold all odd numbers col 2 would hold all even numbers Could you please help than 

kindly show me a program how to printout commission value when entering the sales value?this is the table. salesvalue commission upto1000 zero over 1000 to 10000 2% over 10000 to 50000 3% over50000 4%  

my good you
is very good the articol reconoced  

odd,even number notepad in javascriptat1 to
notepad at javascript  

i want calculator progrm in php and java
ur web site very useful to me and very good to users and once again thanks for you............. 

java report
please explain the program. 

This example is helpfull 

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