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Heap Sort in Java

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Heap sort
this web page is very useful any body those who are beginner of data structures in java 

Very nice tutorial. Is it possible to make this vizual, using swing classes instead standard output? I apreciate it if you can give me some links with swing tutorial for heap sorting algorithm 

thanks for the code..its very useful for my project but i have some problems regarding with the code... -what would be the changes when i want Strings to be input by the user.. -i cant understand the algorithm of the fnSortHeap... 

nice code..thanks alot. 

thank you
I thank you for given out code for heapsort program free on the internet. please send to me a code for an instant messaging system for peer-to-peer(ad-hoc)networking in either java,VB,or c++. with a siutable deployable platform. I'm final year comput 

java in programming
this site helps student to study. 

These are very good examples. Could you do and display or email me some arrays with methods, inheritance of swapping, printing reverse or even swapping half from both sides and printing. eg. 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 swapped and printed in the order 

Heap sort using java
its very simple I need advanced logic programs 

heap sort
I want heap sort with binary tree 

good but seems to be confusing, pls tell this is the only method or anyother way is there to illustrate the heap sort. If it is there explain that also through your browser page don't send to my mail ID alone. thanks * Regards Srizee fadario. 

First of all , I would like to thank you for your on line program heap sort.2ndly , I would like to know do you mean by lchid=3 and rchild =4 that the position 3(value 4) and the position 4(value 2) in the unorderarray or the real value of the unord 

"about the program of heapsort"
There are all the programs of heap sort is very complexed ,less understandable.i request to make it in easy nd simple syntax..... 

max heap not heap
Your max heap is not a heap. 4 needs to be the left child of 5 not the right. 

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Heap Sort in Java
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Heap Sort in Java
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