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Bubble Sorting in Java

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how to bubble sort?
thank you very much for the helped me a lot....more power!!!! 

how could i see in the program.on how the bubbles sorting ? 

this site is really helps me for takeof my problem......... i really apreciate this site....... thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)  

Bubble Sort
Why your sample program does not give output? 

my project
thanks 4 helping me 4 my project 

bubble sort of user defined data type
hello, i would like to know how would u perform a bubble sort of any user defined data type?? thanks  

hi!!first a would like to greet you a pleasant day..hmm,.. can you send me another example of sorting technique please@!! 

hello can you send me another example of sorting technique..please!!!!!! 

Codes verification ....
Write a complete program to count and print number of banned and valid code entered. Example: TRV2475A5R-14 valid TRL2k74A5R-11 : district is not numeric TRV2105A2 : improper code length The user should signal  

This is not the exact algorithm for bubble sort
Hi even though logic is working. This is not the correct logic for Bubbl Sort. So please correct it. 

This site is very helpful for those who are fresher in java. 

bubble sort
it is best tutorial for bubble sort with example. 

Explain it in a littile more simple way
Explain it in a littile more simple way for the begniers  

i want to learn more in programing 

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