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Java Control Statements

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return method
can u kindly give an understandable example for return statement 

very good for beginners in java.thank you 

reply to srinivas
return passes the values it recieves to the function.  

Return statement example
srinivas: can u kindly give an understandable example for return statement private String today = monday; if(today == "monday") { System.out.println("Today is monday"); return true; } System.out.println("Today is not monday"); 

Hi friends In the example mentioned for the Continue statement varaible "found" is not declared please check that.. 

about java
easy to understand for freshers the way u summarized the contents 

these infos on java is very useful. probably i hope , i can learn java wihtout joining any special course for this language.. thank you 

java control statements
k good......but still matter can be extended... 

want more example 

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